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Cristian Bredee | Toy Development, Creative Nodes

DSI Sign System

The new DSI (In Spanish: Dispositivo de Señalización Integral) is a new sign system designed for INMER, it’s the first intelligent traffic light device developed in Mexico and took 7 years to develop, it will be installed soon in many cities, it will be a communication node between drivers and the Main Traffic Control Centre.

The DSI will integrate most of the different signs that are in the road intersections in one single device, this will help clean the area from visual contamination, beside help moderating the traffic this new sign system can advise drivers in case of any incident and street blockings, it will provide location information, safety tips, assist the emergency corporations in case of emergency and it has the option of a graphic display timer to reduce stress while driving.

The invention is designed to adapt universally to the existent city structures to be easily exchanged with the existing traffic light devices. It works with LED technology, which has more efficient and frontal illumination, therefore the use of the traditional sunshield is optional. The traffic light walking man is wider, more visible and very useful for wide roadways. The design has a continuity of smooth surfaces and a monolithic configuration, each part has a very specific design solution that enabled a drastic reduction in mould production costs, faster product assembly and material optimization.

Thanks to its modular design it is possible to arrange the pieces to make configurations of different sizes. The DSI works as a screen and can be suitable for two different type of light discs, for those with a dimeter of 20 cm and 30 cm. The design has a hermetic seal and is intended to have a long term urban life.
In the future devices like this will be able to communicate in a reciprocal way between vehicles and the city services.

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