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Cristian Bredee | Toy Development, Creative Nodes

CDMX Playgrounds


Collection of park toys created for LABCD, a non-profit organisation that works next to the government of Mexico City in many urban and infrastructure projects. These designs were created for three specific parks in the centre of Mexico City as part of an integration strategy for families that live in vulnerable and risky urban spaces. The brief had a very tight budget and demanded the use of non-flammable materials, to avoid being used as shelter by homeless people, be fool proof, elude partial robbery and be easy to install and remove. The consideration of the existing surrounding buildings and park items (benches, steps, pathways, fountains, trees, etc) had a very specific kind of assimilation, the playground either blended in or had a clear contrast.

    • “The Awaken Garden” Monolithic structure with two connected slides and a central swing. Assigned to a park in Tepito neighbourhood, it also provides a little bit of shade and small hiding areas only suitable for small kids, the targeted area is an open space enclosed by deteriorated buildings, it was important to create a dominant and interesting looking assembly to attract kids to play.


    • “Children of Water” a collection of slides, spinning devices, and a climbing structure surrounding an historic fountain (by sculptor Miguel Tolsá) that is actually out of order, the toys make fun of this situation, so the objects simulate the effect running water from the unused fountain, kids seem like drops of water playing around. The location is Loreto Plaza.


  • “Doors to Game” rectangular modular toys for Santa Catarina Plaza which is surrounded by beautiful Spanish colonial style buildings that share a common architecture feature: balconies with rectangular doors. These toys look like a visual extension of the doors and act like gates to different play activities, they can also change arrangement to refresh location and “challenges”.


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